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Tommi´s Expedition is about to begin

On 3rd July I took to first big step towards to the North. I left hot and sweaty Barcelona and arrived to Tampere in Finland. There I met Tommi Taipale, and participated in recicled and recovered bicycle workshop on the courtyard of Annikinkatu wooden quarter, nearly 100 years old historical neighbourhood where Taipale lives. The bicycles were meant for the first stage of the “Journey to the Eclipse” of the photographer, escorted by three other “slow travellers”, Selja Eskonen, Siiri Anttila and Heikki Tuorila.

Tommi Taipale is preparing recovered bycicles for the Journey to the Eclipse

Tommi Taipale is preparing recovered bicycles for the Journey to the Eclipse

The travel plan of the group was to accompany Tommi until Ääninen lake in Russia by bicycle and then, Taipale would continue his trip by his own, mostly hitchiking towards to Siberia. His arrival date there is not known in beforehand, but ideally he will arrive around 27th of July to be able to take part in the rest of the expeditioner´s last preparations for the eclipse.

Some cheerful neighbours from Russia brightened up the cool and fresh summer night – Russian songs sang by Slava, Potsha and Ukbar who were cooking some gulash in the same courtyard, creating a perfect athmosphere for the workshop and for our expedition preparations.


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