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The “Zoolar Eclipse” by Mireia

The postcard by Mireia C. Saladrigues

The postcard by Mireia C. Saladrigues

Mireia is finalising the contents of Zoolar Kit in Barcelona and the postcards and posters are almost finished to be printed out before the actual journey, that is about to begin on 22nd July at 18.23 pm from Helsinkin Railway Station. The selection of the animals that she wants to pay special attention in the Novosibirsk Zoo during the eclipse consists of the following species:

White Handed Gibbon, Polar Bear, Indian Marten, Liger (the hybrid of the Bengalensis Tiger female and the African Lion male), Eurasian Eagle Owl and Great Bustard. The artist encourages the people not only write about their observations but also draw their experience about the animal behaviour when the light of the sun suddenly disappears. The selection is based to the artist´s own preferences and to the valuable information given by the director of Korkeasaari Zoo in Helsinki, Seppo Turunen and Dr. Jordi Sabater Pi, ethologist and anthropologist in Barcelona. Mireia did interview personally these specialists in Helsinki and Barcelona to define the selection that in Novosibirsk is going to be observed by one hundred visitors of the Zoo.

The study in wild animal behaviour during the total solar eclipse, made in Zimbabwe Mana Pools Natural Park in 21st June, 2001 has also been very useful for Mireia´s “test-animal” selection. Paul Murdin, English astronomer, author, broadcaster and astronomy consultant has written very interesting article about this study, put together of the notes of 250 volunteers that observed Park´s animals during the whole day of the eclipse. The cousin of Paul Murdin and former president of WEZ (Wildlife and Environment Zimbabwe, Shirley Cormack, is the person behind this initiative, that was the first systematic study of its kind.


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