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Curated Expeditions is dedicated to observing and experiencing fascinating earthly phenomena

Thank you for our collaborators and supporters

The expedition of Mireia, Agnes and Ulla is about to begin from Helsinki railwaystation. Mireia did already fly from Barcelona to Helsinki, and Agnes and Ulla will join her tomorrow, Ulla by train from Pori and Agnes from Cologne. I have received several messages from Tommi from his way, that did start by bicycle and now continues hitch-hiking. He has passed by Vologoda, NIkolsky, Kotlas and River Ob and the last news was that he was heading towards the tundra…

It is a good moment to thank all the supporters who has made possible the good start for this first Curated Expedition. The Novosibirsk Zoo and it´s directors, Rostislaw and Olga Shilo that at first hand were ready for the collaboration and has invited us to stay in the Zoo for 10 days. Also special thanks for Mrs. Natalia and Mrs. Sveta that has helped us to get the visas and have answered to our questions about the Zoo activity.

Agnes´work and trip to Novosibirsk has received a special support from
General Consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany in Novosibirsk.

The postproduction of her Moon Goose Experiment will receive a very important support from HMKV Dortmund, a grant that enables working on the piece during six month´s time period. Also AirBerlin gives their support for her work.

The Institute of Russia and Eastern Europe in Helsinki and Mrs. Anneli Ojala reveives a special thanks from the whole expedition group. Her expertise in Russia and kind help in linguistic issues has been very valuable.

Clara and Andrea from A Minima magazine not only have encouraged me in the project, but they also have given me the possibility to publish in the magazine. The general explination of the project has been published in the last issue of A Minima and in the end of the year a larger and more exhaustive text with explorers pictures and comments will be published

Mrs. Tuuli Hakulinen from Kymi Travel in St.Petersburg very patiently helped me in making the reservations in the Russian trains that, during the summer and holiday season are really full. The mass movement that the total solar eclipse causes in Russia, was also one of the reasons for the fact that the tickets were quite difficult to be purchased. But she managed to do it!

In Moscow, 23rd of July we will have the chance to meet Mrs. Kerstin Kronvall from

Finnish Embassy in Moscow and in Ekaterinburg NCCA Ekaterinburg

will kindly offer us a place to sleep.

Korkeasaari Zoo in Helsinki and The Sabater Pi Collection in Barcelona and their directors Seppo Turunen and Jordi Sabater Pi had been very helpful and advised Mireia in her work, and University of Art and Design / Pori Department kindly printed the posters for the Zoolar Eclipse.

We also received support from: VR (Finnish Railways)  Kilpisjärvi Biological Station, SAS Royal Hotel (Helsinki), Sodexo Oy / Hostel Satakuntatalo (Helsinki), Antares Ltd (Barcelona) and Garcia de Pou ( Barcelona).

Carles Schnabel from Sabadell Astronomic Group from Barcelona, will let us the material that he and his collegues will record in Novosibirsk, as a part of IOTA (International Ocultation Timing Association) Research in Novosibirsk eclipse zone. Hope to meet these astronomers in Novosibirsk!

Beside the institutional support we would like to thank our families and nearest persons and the individuals in Russia, Germany, Spain and Finland, as Roman, Marina and Artem – we´ll see each others very soon!

Once the Expedition has finished, our work will continue, the works of the three artists will be postproduced and the exhibition and other formats of presentations will be prepared. I hope new institutions and companies will join the list of official supporters and also make new expeditions reality.


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