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Night of the Arts in Helsinki Festival

The first public presentation of the Expedition to Novosibirsk will take place in the Institute for Russia and Eastern Europe on Friday, 22nd August, 2008. Ulla Taipale will present very fresh impressions and experiences of the whole expedition crew, accompanied by some videos and digital photos. Tommi Taipale, who is about to start his Journey back to Finland from Altai, will open an exhibition with photographs of his earlier visits to Onega region in Russia. The exhibition will be open in the Institute 22.8. – 9.9.2008.

Tommi Taipale

Ääninen lake, photo: Tommi Taipale

The event starts at 16.00 pm and is a part of Helsinki Festival´s Night of the Arts celebrations.


Back home 080808

On the magic date 080808 Agnes, MIreia and Ulla finished their Expedition to Siberia and landed in Cologne, Barcelona and Pori. The end of our journey coincided with two significant international news – the Olympic Games in Peking started and Russia attacked to Georgia and these two countries entered into war. The fourth member or the Expedition is still on his Journey to the Eclipse, -Tommi is starting his way back to Finland in the next days from Altai Mountains. Good luck for his trip!

The Expedition has been really succesful and after some days of reflections and resting, I will start sharing our impressions and experiences through this web blog. So, I have to ask for some patience and new posts with photos from the journey will be available very soon.

Our work in Novosibirsk could be carried out with the help of very reliable and hard-working local assistants. Our best thanks for all of you, we hope our collaboration has been for you as meaningful and rich that for us!