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Post Expedition practices

After these months  that has passed after the expedition Siberia, it is time to give some news about the expedition crew and our activities after the big adventure. It is obvious that the contacts with Novobirsk and Russians didn´t stop when we finalised the journey, we stay in contact with our collaborators and some of them are still helping us in different tasks related with the project.

The first venue for the new artworks has been confirmed! The exhibition “Expedition to the Eclipse” is going to be shown in Helsinki, in the Contemporary Art Museum Kiasma`s Mediateekki, opening on 6th March, 2009. The three artworks will be shown in Kiasma for three months. The show will for part of Pixelache Festival 09 activities and some conferences and other parallel activities will be organised during the exhibition period.

As Ian McKeever says:

Scientists, like artists, seem to spend a lot of time just looking and thinking around things, engaged in refreshingly simple observation. There are other parallels, too. Both scientists and artists seem to divide their time between doing field-work and going back to base to do the actual donkey work itself. On the surface it looks like both are moving in the same direction, only on different trains, so to speak.

This text is part of the publication called Ikijää – Permafrost, edited by Marketta Seppälä and Yrjö Haila in Finland and it is a compilation of texts and works from their artistic expedition to Magadan of Siberia, in the year 1992.

Agnes, Mireia, Tommi and myself are now doing our “donkey” work each of us in our bases, in Cologne, Barcelona and Tampere. Tommi has spent the christmas holidays doing another leisurely trip in Russia and Agnes will go on January 09 to Ekaterinburg, where she has been invited as an artist-in- residence within NCCA Ural Branch.


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