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Curated Expeditions is dedicated to observing and experiencing fascinating earthly phenomena

Expedition to the Total Eclipse opens on 6th March in Kiasma, Finland

moon_travelCapsula’s cross-disciplinary expeditions, straddling the borderline between art and science, study and marvel at natural phenomena through personal experience.  The base of the expedition was set up at the Novosibirsk Zoo, from which it continued on to the Altai wilderness and all the way to the Moon.

The objective is to bring together artists and scientists to work at the intersection of different disciplines, but the results are art works and don’t have to contribute to scientific studies about natural phenomena. What we would like them to contribute is to the recognition of small and big miracles of nature and consciousness about its extraordinariness.

The Moon Goose Experiment -project by Agnes Meyer-Brandis launch a spaceship leadered by 13 moon geese towards to the Moon. The catalonian astronomer group, Agrupació Astrònomica de Sabadell, found this special moon expedition group in their video recordings navigating towards to the Moon at the moment of the total solar eclipse, at 10.46 (UT). During the eclipse these astronomers were in Novosibirsk region, to do a research for the European Section of IOTA, International Occultation Timing Association.  Using the measurements taken during the eclipse they are aiming at calculating the diameter of the sun.

We are very grateful for Carles Schnabel, Angel Massallé and Antoni Selva from Agrupació Astrònomica de Sabadell for the rights to  use their scientific video footage as a part of the work of Agnes, shown in Kiasma Mediatheque.


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