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Slow / fast biking?

The Guardian / Treehugger:

Just because the fixed gear rider gets to work first – does it count as the best commuting method if he or she is so sweaty and out of breath he needs a shower? If the slow cyclist comes in minutes later but doesn’t need to clean up, is that really the faster method? And what about if the fixie rider saves their morning shower until they get into work (keeping in mind they’ve got to get home too…)?

I for one have never really bought into the need for fancy bikes in an urban setting – after all, theft is usually rampant, and I’d rather keep my head up than sacrifice vision for streamlining. Better 5 minutes late, sweat-free and alive than on time, sweaty and, errm, dead. I’d love to hear from our bike commuters out there – what do you ride and why? And is slow cycling the new fast? ( by Sami Grover, USA)

TTommi Taipale, Siiri Anttila, Selja Eskonen and Heikki Tuorila cycling in Russia. Photo: Tommi Taipale

Tommi Taipale, Siiri Anttila, Selja Eskonen and Heikki Tuorila cycling in Russia. Photo: Tommi Taipale


The Moon Goose -video

The audiovisual compilation of the Moon Goose Experiment by Agnes Meyer-Brandis is now available online.

We don´t have any records of the Moon Geese after their Helsinki Observatory visit last June. The small video about the Eclipse Happening is being edited at the moment and will be published online later this summer/autumn.

Arrival to the Sacred Scarabeus Island

The longest eclipse of the millenium

With the maximum duration of 6 min 39 s, it is the longest solar eclipse in the 21st century. The Chinese mainland, along the Yangzi River, is the most convenient region for observing the eclipse. Since the weather conditions in this region on July 22 are very hard to forecast, the Chinese Astronomical Society, the host of IYA 2009 in China, is organising a large scale live broadcast program for the eclipse event.

Junta de Extremadura and Shelios expedition will offer a direct broadcast of the eclipse in: