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New destinies for Expedition to the Total Eclipse -show?

After nice finissage happening in Kiasma and URSA observatory, the summer has been quite silent for the Eclipse related expedition activities. The show in Kiasma Mediatheque closed after 3 months in the beginning of June and the works are now being stored for the new show. The estimation of the visitors for the show is 7000, and the eclipse happening had some 25 participants. Thank you for the public and for all the collaborators and supporters!

Capsula´s second expedition is being prepared during the summer months and will be announced as an open call in the next days. This time the expeditioners will be chosen through an open call for artists in Finland and Estonia, and will be part of Finnish Turku, the European Capital of Culture 2011 -activities. More about the open call and the subject of the next expedition within the next days in

Parallely the second expedition preparations, the Eclipse show is looking for a new venues to be exhibited, if you / your institution are interested, please contact with Capsula! Also talks by curator and the artists about the experience and results can be organized within festivals, seminars and other events. Small portfolio about the exhibition.


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