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Curated Expeditions is dedicated to observing and experiencing fascinating earthly phenomena

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Ulla Taipale / CAPSULA (Tampere, Finland, 1971) is an independent curator, producer and photographer. Lives in Barcelona and in Finland. Taipale holds B.Sc. in environmental engineering and communications and a postgraduate degree in Curating and Cultural Practices in Art and New Media. Since 2005 she works in Capsula, a curatorial research platform whose interests focus on the meeting point between art, science and nature. Capsula collaborates with art and cultural institutions internationally.


Spain: +34 653 795 456

Finland: +358 40 5110 214

Agnes Meyer-Brandis ( Aachen, Germany, 1973) is the founder of the ìForschungsfloss FFUR / Research Raft for Subterranean Reefologyì, a small institute whose chief aim is to explore and confirm subterranean phenomena and unknown lifeforms. She comes from a background of both sculpture and new media art. Her work, exhibited worldwide, is at the experimental edge of art and science, exploring the zone between fact and fiction, fantasy and technology. She has received various grants and awards and her work has been exhibited internationally.

Tommi Taipale (Valkeakoski, Finland, 1977) is Finnish photographer and artist who graduated in 2007 in Lahti Insitutue of Art and Design in Finland. As photodocumentarist he has special interest in slow intuitive travelling in areas where the distinction between nature and culture is not obvious. Taipale has made extensive trips to Russia, which he calls experimental adventures. Taipale`s photographs has been exhibitited in solo- and joint exhibitions in Germany, Finland, Poland, Lithuania and Estonia.

Mireia C. Saladrigues (Barcelona, Spain, 1978 is a Catalonian artist that has finished her MA in Fine Arts in Barcelona. Saladrigues has worked in Spain, England, Finland and Denmark. Saladrigues works hermeneutically on understanding the context where she lives and works, questioning clichés – through conversation, interviews, theory and a variety of practical acts related to performance and stimulating audience participation. Saldrigues has exhibited in numerous solo and group shows in Spain, Finland and Denmark.


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